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I am obsessed with natural glow and healthy skin. Here, you can find many natural skincare reviews ranging from high-end luxury Ayurveda to classic cult favs.

After moving to Ayurveda, I have gone makeup free for more than a year but I like to occasionally experiment with Classic Cult Favs. I hope my posts will help you find your perfect skincare regime and get the healthiest skin. Your skin deserves the respect and care so go ahead and treat yourself but at the same time, I hope my posts will help you stay away from products that do not work and are popular marketing gimmicks. 

I hope you are having a wonderful day and you found here what you were looking for. If not, You can always connect with me over email at indiluxe101@gmail.com. You can also comment on my blog posts if you need any information. I will be happy to help.

None of my posts are paid reviews. All products are purchased with my hard-earned money. All reviews are based on my experience with the products for a minimum period of one to two weeks.

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