Kama Ayurveda Review

Friday, June 19, 2020


I was fighting pigmentation and irritation on my sensitive combination skin. In my tryst for clear skin, I tried many high-end products like Clinique, Estee Lauder, Kiehl’s, The Body Shop and many more along with Korean 10 step regime and when absolutely nothing worked, I decided to give Ayurveda a try. That’s when I tried Kama Ayurveda.

Here are the products I have tried from this wonderful brand. Most of them have worked beautifully, and few are just easily replaceable. Detailed review for each of these coming soon.

Toners and Mists:

That’s right, all of them! I am a mist addict and I am charged guilty to finish 150ml of Kama Ayurveda's Rose water in a month. My face drinks up this mist 4 times a day.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Rose Water

An absolute Hit! I am sure you have been reading wonderful reviews because it really is that awesome. I was always under the impression that Rose water did not suit my skin, but I stand corrected and the reality is that ‘Artificial’ rose water does not suit my skin. This is so pure! And worth every penny. This is the first thing to touch my face in the morning after tap water and last thing before I go to sleep.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water

It smells like rain! I use this on alternate days. Does the same job as the rose water but I feel the Vetiver mist is more refreshing compared to rose water and awakens my skin. A stronger toner than rose water and great fragrance. This is my go-to mist after using face masks, scrubs and the works. The fragrance evaporates within seconds though.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Mogra Water

A great mist to spritz in the evening after a long day or just when you want to wake up mid-afternoon to accomplish that important task. This mist gets you going! It won’t replace your coffee, but it is so refreshing it’ll lighten your mood. I’d always prefer Vetiver or Rose for skin treatments and Mogra for that occasionally refreshing burst.

Kama Ayurveda Pure Lavender Water

For the days I am completely exhausted, after a long flight, when nothing goes right, this is the mist I use before hitting the pillow. The fragrance is so calm, it makes me sleep but at the same time it so short lived, you better sleep early.

I like to alternate between rose water and Vetiver water and reach out for Mogra and lavender occasionally. Vetiver is my go-to product for my weekend skincare regime and rose is my constant. So, if you are trying to figure out which one to buy first, Rose is the clear winner. If you're looking for a very mild toner, Vetiver and if you just want to experiment and feel fresh, go for Mogra or Lavender.

Scrubs and cleansers:

Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap Free Face cleanser


Is this a scrub? Is this a cleanser? I'll tell you what it is- A clear winner. This is my regular face cleanser to cleanse face oils. It acts as a mild scrub which can be used daily, keeping white heads and black heads at bay. There isn't a single day that goes by without me using this beautiful, gentle, grainy, humble yet powerful cleanser


Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Brightening scrub

This is one of those few easily replaceable luxury products by Kama. It smells wonderful. Feels very smooth and mild but the effect isn't that visible. But then again it is a very gentle exfoliator, makes your skin smooth and gives you a mild short lived glow. Well, I used this for 3 weeks but I didn't see anything drastically different. Maybe because I am regularly using Mridul? Nevertheless, this scrub has a permanent position in my stash for those at home facial and spa weekends 


Kama Ayurveda Nimrah Anti Acne Face Pack

A post, an article, a blog is not enough to convey benefits of this magic pack. Loaded with impressive natural ingredients, Nimrah anti acne face pack removed my forehead acne, reduced pore size, lightened my dark circles and eventually helped me get that supple glow which majority of products promise on using 10 steps. This humble and effective face pack can be used daily, does not dry out the skin and is surprisingly moisturizing. It showed positive effect from the first day and by third week my acne had vanished. It leaves a brownish red sheen on the skin though so the best time to use this is before bedtime followed by rose or Vetiver water. If there is one Kama product you must try, it has to be this face pack.


Kama Ayurveda Suvarna Haldi Chandan Face Pack

A nice to have face pack for emergencies which give you an instant golden glow. Definitely a splurge since it can be easily create at home. This face pack smells divine and make the skin look alive but give a very short lived glow for 1 to 2 days. I did not experience any long term benefits. This is one of Kama's easily replaceable products. Detailed review here

Serums and Treatments:

Kama Ayurveda Jwalini Retexturizing Skin Treatment Oil

This oil completely changed my outlook towards facial oils. It gave me an even-tone, calmed my irritated skin and made my skin glow. I use this on alternate evenings. I generally massage this oil on my face and wash with Mridul soap free cleanser after an hour and the next morning my face looks visibly fresh, even toned, my pores are minimized and drumroll please – my dark circles look visibly lightened. Where nothing has ever worked on my dark circles, this oil has unexpectedly done its magic. It has also helped remove stubborn acne marks. Essentially, this oil does everything that the wonderful Kumkumadi oil does but at a slower pace. So if you want to try out facial oil, I’d very highly recommend Jwalini oil. Oh, it has also permanently replaced my moisturizer.


Kama Ayurveda Nalpamaradi Skin Brightening Treatment Oil

If there is one product that I absolutely dislike from Kama, it has to be this. Maybe it did not suit my skin. Hence, highly recommend the patch test. First of all, this oil cannot and should not be used in daytime. It has to be used in evenings else turmeric can have reverse effects in sunlight. Secondly, this oil needs to be handled with so much care- it is deep yellow in color and your face looks yellowish in a bad way. Lastly, it made my skin dark and irritated my sensitive skin. But this oil can be sued on hands and underarms to remove tan if you have to.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid Ayurvedic Night Serum

Truly a miraculous serum! This serum, may I dare to say, is better than Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair ANR. More expensive than ANR but definitely worth it. I do not use moisturizer anymore. Instead, I massage my face with this serum on alternate nights and my face looks so healthy. It is like an eraser for my acne marks. Also moisturizes my skin, reduces pore, brightens eyes and keeps acne at bay. What more can a lady ask from her night serum?

Oils and Treatments:

Kama Ayurveda Organic Neem Oil


This is such a wonderful multipurpose oil for acne. Worked beautifully on my forehead acne and has absolutely wiped off my dandruff. It also made my hair soft. I was in absolute love with this oil until I discovered Bringadi Oil. But I still reach out for this humble neem oil whenever I see an occasional pimple or zit popping out on my forehead. Highly recommended for dandruff caused acne.

Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment Oil

This is my absolute permanent. I have waist long straight hair and this magical oil maintains softness of my hair, keeps dandruff at bay, keeps split heads away and drum roll please- washes off easily! I no more dread oiling my hair and later lathering it with SLS free shampoo for an hour over weekend. I have ditched conditioner as this oil keeps my hair well-conditioned without harmful chemical laden conditioners. Highly recommend this hair-oil for perfect weekend hair regime.


Kama Ayurveda Organic Sesame Oil


This is another Kama product which can be easily avoided. It is very heavy and weighs down my hair. Conditions well but does nothing exceptional that Bringadi oil can’t do. I’ve started using a couple of drops on my dark circles as it is very hydrating but I really can’t think of any other exceptional use.



I don’t wear any makeup now except Sunscreen and lip balm, that’s how amazing Kama Ayurveda is. After fighting my skin irritations, I now have the confidence to use other skincare products but I generally try not to mix products from different brands on the same day as I’ve realized skincare products work best within the same range and I am not too sure if I want to experiment ayurvedic products with non ayurvedic products. What can I say, I was never a Chemistry expert!


Apart from my skincare routine, I follow 5 simple rules for that healthy glow.


1.     Drink Water, hydrate well. I bet you did not see that coming!

2.     Eat one fruit a day or dry fruits if fruits are not available.

3.     Exercise for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week followed by a 5 min meditation.

4.     Sleep well- anywhere between 6-8 hours every night and 10 hours on weekend!

5.     End the day laughing. I watch at least one episode of my favorite comedy series before I sleep.


I hope this post helps you decide your next haul to pamper yourself. Go ahead you deserve it!



This is not a sponsored post. All products are purchased with my hard-earned money. All reviews are based on my experience with the products for a minimum period of one to two weeks.

This content is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical or health care advice. Readers are requested to employ their own discretion while using this information.

Always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredient. Results can vary from person to person since everyone’s body and skin type is different.



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